Evervet Partners November 8, 2022

A Look at Our Past, an Eye to Our Future

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Here at EverVet, we recently celebrated 2 years in the business of helping veterinary practices grow and reach their highest potential. During that time, we’ve partnered with 25 practices across 10 states, grown to 24 support team members and 3 veterinary Advisory Board members, and supported great veterinary care for 60,000+ pets nationwide.

It occurred to us that this milestone is a great opportunity to pause and reflect on our roots, how far we’ve come, and what we hope to accomplish going forward.


Practicing Collaborative Autonomy

One of the driving forces behind why we started the company — and the way we operate today — is our desire to provide our partner practices with a healthy mix of autonomy and collaborative support. Even when practice owners report that they highly value their independence, they find that they often needed help all along the way — they just didn’t know it yet. Even in the best-managed practices, there are some significant “a-ha moments” when we work with their teams to uncover some naturally occurring blind spots that are created by operating within the same four walls, year in and year out. In our experience, a diverse set of experiences on any team simply produces a better outcome for the hospital and ultimately for clients and their pets. 

We bring a fresh outside perspective to the way things are done in our partner practices – but we do not forcefully impose them. We build relationships based on trust, and we hold a mirror in front of practice owners, saying, “Hey, these are things that we observe where we can help you improve. Let’s work on them together.”


Harnessing the Power of Technology

In order to improve practice efficiency, EverVet helps our partner practices leverage technology solutions in a way that makes the jobs of their busy team members that much easier.

For example, we’ve implemented sophisticated telephone systems that improve the way our practices communicate with clients, staff, partners, and suppliers. We find that communication upgrades such as these build trust with clients, which ultimately contributes to higher quality treatment for the pets they place in our care.

In addition, we’ve helped practices make the leap from paperless to digital systems, which not only improves overall organization, efficiency, and information privacy, but also reduces printing and supply costs. As an added benefit, the use of integrated backup systems means that vital information won’t be permanently lost even if a practice faces an unfortunate situation, such as an accidental data deletion, a software failure, or office disaster, such as a flood or fire.

Finally, we help our practices leverage email and texting capabilities so they can easily send appointment reminders, care follow-ups, prescription refill updates, and emergency hotline texting — freeing up their existing staff to be more present for clients.


Prioritizing Our Biggest Asset: Our Teams

Like most service-related industries, veterinary practices have an ongoing challenge in retaining good staff members. At the end of the day, we know that our staff members have the option to do the same work at another practice down the street, and that it’s our responsibility to make EverVet a great place to work.  

We start with competitive pay — that’s a given — but we also invest in people and their happiness, and we give them opportunities for career longevity and advancement through tangible professional development opportunities. [insert link to upcoming blog that features HR/staffing initiatives, Penn Foster online university, etc.]

We also strive to always authentically represent what the EverVet experience will look like after we close a new partnership. At our core, we’re very real people, and we’re committed to living our company values as we interact with partners and staff. We are solution-oriented, friendly, and non-judgmental. There’s no “spin” and no “pitch.” We ask lots of questions, line up resources to help wherever we can, and employ a holistic approach to solving problems both big and small. 

In our experience, this is the most successful way to operate a practice, and it’s the key to what makes us different. 

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