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Business Development
Advisory Board
The EverVet leadership team is comprised of experienced professionals building an organization passionate about providing support to veterinary hospitals, take care of their teams so that they can provide excellent care to pets and pet parents.
Our operations team is here to serve our practices. Our goal is to understand your needs and help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities facing your practice and do that in a collaborative way.
Our Finance team develops systems and innovative financial solutions that keep our partner practices running efficiently.
The EverVet Business Development team of collaborative practice partners bring a listen-first approach to realize the greatest business potential of our practice owners. They provide invaluable perspective and guidance that shapes our approach to creating great experiences and bespoke support for our partner practices.
Our HR professionals are deeply experienced in matching the right team members with the best positions to maximize productivity and results — and maintain positive long-term relationships both internally and with our extended family of practice partners.
The EverVet Advisory Board is a team of accomplished, independent and affiliated veterinary practice owners. They provide invaluable perspective and guidance that shapes our approach to creating great experiences and bespoke support for our partner practices.
Brian Spence Brian Spence
Brian Spence

Director of Human Resources

Michelle Ginnane, PHR Michelle Ginnane, PHR
Michelle Ginnane, PHR

Human Resources Manager

Joe Luceri Joe Luceri
Joe Luceri

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Len Podolsky Len Podolsky
Len Podolsky

Co-Founder &
Chief Development Officer

Kyle Bailey Kyle Bailey
Kyle Bailey

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Sowden Chris Sowden
Chris Sowden


Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor

Finance Manager

Jackie Russo Jackie Russo
Jackie Russo

Staff Accountant

Practice Owner &
Board Member
Head of Operations
Dr. Jessica Heard Dr. Jessica Heard
Dr. Jessica Heard
Pia DeAngelis Pia DeAngelis
Pia DeAngelis

Regional Operations Manager

Dr. Maya Pirok Dr. Maya Pirok
Dr. Maya Pirok

Practice Owner &
Board Member

Catherine Heath Catherine Heath
Catherine Heath

Regional Operations Manager

Nancy Hallam-Smith Nancy Hallam-Smith
Nancy Hallam-Smith

Managing Veterinarian &
Board Member

Steve Biernacki Steve Biernacki
Steve Biernacki

Director of Integration

Ryan Miller Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

Director of Recruiting

Stephanie Carney Stephanie Carney
Stephanie Carney

Manager of Veterinary Technician Relations

Ellen Wullbrandt Ellen Wullbrandt
Ellen Wullbrandt

Manager of Recruiting and
University Relations

Danny Choi Danny Choi
Danny Choi

Director of Business
Development – Mid-Atlantic

Jack Schweitzer Jack Schweitzer
Jack Schweitzer

Director of Business
Development – Mid-Atlantic

Scott Stachowiak Scott Stachowiak
Scott Stachowiak

Director of Business
Development – Midwest

Vince Agnone Vince Agnone
Vince Agnone

Senior Associate of
Business Development

John Kamphius John Kamphius
John Kamphius

Senior Financial Analyst
of Business Development

Alexa Williams Alexa Williams
Alexa Williams

Associate of
Business Development

Our Partner Practices

At EverVet, we believe that partnerships should feel natural, transparent, seamless, and mutually rewarding. And we’re confident that you’ll embrace our authentic approach and our “for vets by vets” philosophy from start to finish throughout the acquisition process.

As our partner, you and your team will appreciate our flexible and collaborative approach to ongoing practice management and improvement — where everyone knows one another personally, and consistent and open communication is a standard way of doing business.

If you’re thinking about a potential acquisition, whether in the near or more distant future, please reach out to get a conversation started. We’d love to discuss the possibilities with you.

Our Values

As an EverVet partner, you’ll find that everything we do is guided by these principles

We believe that people and organizations working together accomplish great things. Our promise is to work collaboratively with our practices, provide resources, and offer support that will help all of our teams do what they do best.


We believe that trust and good decision-making can only happen with transparency and open communication. We are committed to working with all of our key stakeholders in an authentic and honest way.


Each of us travels a unique path with unexpected twists and turns. We understand and embrace the uncertainties of life and of business. Our promise is to be there for you and your team through it all.


Doing the right thing is important to us, as people and as business owners. We’ve found that when you prioritize doing the right thing above all else, everything seems to fall in line.

Ready to be part of something bigger?

Let’s discuss the exciting possibilities.
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